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September 22, 2023

Garrick Law Act For First Defendant

Garrick Law’s Defence Against £38M Conspiracy. Garrick Law has taken on the representation of the primary defendant, known as the KingPin, in a high-stakes case involving […]
September 7, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide To Child Arrangement Options.

When parents decide to separate, one of the paramount considerations revolves around the well-being of any children involved. This transitional period can be emotionally taxing for […]
September 5, 2023

Are My Dealings With A Genuine Police Officer, Acting In The Course Of His Duty?

Police Interaction Safety and Rights: Tips For Informed Encounters In a highly publicised trial in 2021, Wayne Couzens, a former Metropolitan police officer, sent shock waves […]
August 15, 2023

Changes to Sentences in Default sentences (Confiscation and POCA)

Changes to Sentences in Default Sentences (Confiscation and POCA)   When a court issues a confiscation order for the payment of a certain amount, it is […]
August 3, 2023

Successful Defence in a Family Proceedings

Garrick Law successfully represented a Parent embroiled in family proceedings, in respect of an offence of failing to ensure a child’s regular attendance at school contrary […]
July 20, 2023

How to Protect Your Family’s Assets in a Divorce

How to Protect Your Family’s Assets in a Divorce   Divorce can be a challenging time, especially when it comes to financial matters and protecting your […]
July 18, 2023

Celebrating the shortlisting of Narita Bahra KC as ‘Financial Crime Silk 2023’

Celebrating the shortlisting of Narita Bahra KC as ‘Financial Crime Silk 2023’ Garrick Law is thrilled to announce the well-deserved recognition of Narita Bahra KC as […]
July 10, 2023

Essential Items to Pack for a Sentencing Hearing: What Can Go in Your Prison Bag?

What can I take in my prison luggage? Preparing and packing a bag prior to a sentencing hearing can be a daunting task, especially when considering […]
June 19, 2023

Is It Possible To Challenge A Prosecution Drug Expert Report?

Expert witness reports are vital evidence in every aspect of a drugs and/or money laundering case. Therefore, the defence should not prima facie accept the accuracy […]