Criminal Law

The earlier we get involved, the more we can help you.

Why Clients Choose Us

Being accused of a criminal offence is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Instructing a skilled criminal defence team at the outset is crucial. This is because the earlier we get involved, the better we can help you.
Our team of top rated criminal defence solicitors and barristers has over twenty-five years experience in defending all types of criminal cases. We therefore have close professional relationships with most of the top barristers and experts in the country. This means we can put together an outstanding defence team tailored to your requirements. Together we will defy the odds on your behalf.

We know how criminal defence proceedings can affect your personal and professional reputation. We frequently act for high profile individuals, including professionals, business owners, and public figures. For us, every client is a priority, and there is no such thing as a minor case. We know that for white collar clients any conviction can have a knock-on effect upon your career and your reputation. As well as getting you the best possible result, we can help you manage adverse publicity.

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