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The earlier we get involved, the more we can help you.

Why Clients Choose Us

Being accused of a criminal offence is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Instructing a skilled criminal defence team at the outset is crucial. This is because the earlier we get involved, the better the results we can achieve for you.
Our team of top rated criminal defence solicitors and barristers has over 40 years experience in defending all types of criminal cases. Managed by our Crime Team Manager, who also has more than 40 years experience, our professional relationships with leading barristers and experts in the country is outstanding. Meaning we can put together an equally outstanding defence team, tailored to your requirements and budget, who will defy the odds on your behalf.

We understand how criminal defence proceedings affect your personal and professional reputation. We frequently act for high profile individuals, including professionals, business owners, and public figures. For us, every client is a priority, and there is no such thing as a minor case. We appreciate that for many clients any conviction can have a detrimental impact upon career and reputation. Professional Regulatory proceedings can follow. As well as getting you the best possible result, we can help you manage adverse publicity and professional discipline matters.

Criminal Defence FAQs

1. Who can give criminal legal advice?

- A criminal law defence lawyer.

2. What is a criminal defence lawyer?

- A specialist in representing lay clients in criminal proceedings. The term ‘Lawyer' covers both Solicitors and Barristers.

3. What is the difference between a criminal defence barrister and a criminal defence solicitor?

- A criminal defence solicitor is a specialist in representing and advising lay clients on the litigation aspect of their case. A criminal defence barrister specialises in advising on aspects of criminal law and conducting advocacy.

4. Why do I need a solicitor and a barrister?

- A criminal defence solicitor is a specialist in representing and advising lay clients on the litigation aspect of their case. A criminal defence barrister specialises in advising on aspects of criminal law and conducting advocacy. Your first port of call as a lay client, in usual circumstances, should be the solicitor. Your solicitor can then guide you as to the specialist aspects of your individual case, and provide guidance and direction on when a barrister should be instructed. In some circumstances, barristers can be instructed on a direct access basis.

5. How do I decide who is the best criminal defence solicitor for me?

Before instructing a criminal defence solicitor, you should:

- Conduct some research online and make enquiries with people you trust to establish which firm will suit your needs.
- You may wish to consider the following when deciding upon who are the best defence solicitors for you, Areas of specialism include;
- Fraud lawyers
- Pre-charge engagement solicitors
- Sex offence lawyers
- Rape solicitors
- Drink driving solicitors
- Road traffic offence solicitors
- Cyber crime solicitors
- Assault, including GBH solicitors

If you are considering your decision based upon location then you may consider:

- Fraud solicitors, London
- Fraud Solicitors, nationally;
- Criminal solicitors near me
- Check social media platforms to keep up to date with any latest developments and recent news.
- Speak with your family and friends to obtain personal recommendations.
- If you are being represented by a solicitor in another area of law, for example a property dispute, ask your solicitor if they can recommend whom in their opinion is a top criminal lawyer or defence solicitor.
- Call the firm directly and make enquiries over the phone and/or during a legal conference. You will be able to decide after a short call with a prospective defence solicitor if they are right for you and the matter you are facing.

6. I am innocent, why do I need legal advice?

- You should always exercise your right to seek legal advice from a criminal defence solicitor when you believe you may be involved in a criminal matter. Innocent people sometimes get wrongly charged. If you are in that position and do not get the correct legal advice then you may end up wrongly convicted.

7. Why do I need a criminal defence solicitor?

- The investigatory body investigating you will record anything that you may say both in and outside any interview. This can be used in Court against you.
- The initial (pre-charge) stage of a criminal investigation is crucial in deciding the outcome of your case. It essential that you get advice from a criminal defence solicitor as early as possible if you are being investigated
- You cannot undo mishaps that have occurred in the investigatory stage, or retract statements. These will form part of the case against you, should your case go to Court. Having a criminal defence solicitor will ensure that any direct communication that you have with officers is controlled.
- To protect your legal rights and entitlements.
- To fully assist the investigatory body in their investigations, you will need to understand what is happening. Your criminal defence solicitor will be able to explain the process to you, yours rights and how best to proceed in standard or voluntary police interview.

8. Does having a solicitor make me look guilty?

- Do not be concerned by having a Criminal Defence Lawyer, you are simply exercising your rights. If you were to get ill, you would seek the advice of a doctor.

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