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Nobody happily chooses to engage a lawyer, and clients find legal processes stressful enough without also having to worry about the expense. At Garrick Law, our mission is to provide you with the very best legal advice, whilst keeping your costs fair.

Garrick Law is a private criminal defence and family law firm. This means we don’t accept cases that are publicly funded through legal aid. The recent legal aid cuts mean that many publicly funded lawyers have to work very quickly. This gives them limited time to devote to each client. We did not agree with these cuts. In our opinion, well-funded legal aid is an essential part of a fair justice system. Unfortunately, we then had to make a difficult decision on how to best represent our clients, and we chose to concentrate on a private service. In the same way, you will need to decide how you will choose your lawyer. In the end, your priority is to get the best result for yourself.

You’ll read about “star lawyers” who get great results. There is much truth in this, as not all lawyers are the same. Star lawyers aren’t just clever: they also put more time into each case. They spend long hours going through the detail of the evidence, looking for flaws and inconsistencies, and communicating with you. That’s how they win. We believe that private funding allows us to provide this star service, by giving us more time to work for you. This exceptional legal service isn’t just for the super wealthy. Our structure allows us to maintain very competitive fees, including fixed fees for many cases.

Every one of our clients is advised about costs at the time of initial instruction, with regular reviews and appraisals. Wherever possible we will quote fixed fees, and itemise invoices so you have a clear track of expenditure. We work with talented Counsel, Experts, Accountants and other leading professionals. We will negotiate their fees on your behalf and confirm them with you prior to instruction.

Your team will always be conscious of your budget so you can concentrate on the successful outcome of your case.

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